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1. What is a four-day workweek?
2. When will the four-day work schedule begin for the Town of Davie?
3. What timeframe will Town Hall provide services?
4. Will the four-day work schedule impact my utility bill payment options?
5. What if I have a utility emergency?
6. What should I do if I need emergency fire and police services?
7. Will the four-day workweek impact Code Compliance calls for service in the community?
8. How do I submit a public records request?
9. How can I obtain a building permit?
10. How can I request an inspection?
11. What time will the building inspectors examine my property?
12. How do I submit a request for an Engineering Permit?
13. I need to get a Business Tax Receipt. How can I apply?
14. Will this change impact facility reservations and rentals?
15. What if I want a film permit? Will this process be impacted?
16. Will the four-day workweek impact the services and programs provided at Pine Island Multipurpose Center?
17. Will the four-day workweek impact the Fitness and Aquatic Facility hours of operation?
18. Will the hours of operations for Town parks be impacted?
19. What if I need help after-hours at a Town park?
20. Where can I find out more information?