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"Let's Talk Business" Application


  1. 1. "Let's Talk Business" Program Guidelines
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  • "Let's Talk Business" Program Guidelines

    1. "Let's Talk Business" Guidelines

      Please read carefully before completing an application.

    2. Introduction

      The Town of Davie and its Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) would like to recognize and support our small businesses by featuring them quarterly at public meetings in a segment titled, “Let’s Talk Business.” The businesses will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and share information about their business and products or services they offer.

    3. Definitions

      Candidate” means a business that is eligible for the “Let’s Talk Business” program and has been selected by the Town and CRA to participate in the program.

      Existing business” means a business with a valid Town of Davie Business Tax Receipt (BTR) operating in person out of a non-residential site.

      Property Owner” means a holder of any legal estate on the premises as noted by the Broward County Property Appraiser.

    4. Background

      Local and small businesses are a strong focus of the Town and CRA. The commitment to attract patrons and promote small business development remains an integral component of Davie’s economic development. This strongly correlates with the policies set forth in the CRA Redevelopment Plan which states the following:

      Objective B-3:

      The Community Redevelopment Agency shall strive to increase the overall level of economic activity within the community redevelopment area.

      Policy B-3.2:

      The Community Redevelopment Agency shall initiate programs and projects which focus on business development and act as catalysts to leverage additional investment by private enterprise.

      Policy B-3.4:

      The Community Redevelopment Agency may participate in programs to increase the market share of the downtown retail core. The program should contain, at least, the following elements:

      • A strategy to attract new businesses to the downtown;
      • An advertising and promotion strategy;
      • A unified merchandising strategy to establish a theme; and,
      • A leasing and operation strategy to coordinate leasing efforts, sales events and store hours.
    5. Program Overview

      The “Let’s Talk Business” promotional program is a source of local business advertisement provided by the Town’s Public Information Office and the CRA. 

      The program would result in two qualified candidates being featured at the first meeting of that quarter. The Candidate within the CRA boundaries will be featured at the CRA Board Meeting and the Candidate within the general Town boundaries will be featured at the Town Council Meeting occurring on the first meeting of the month. 

      For each respective meeting, staff will work with the candidate to create a promotional video that will be exhibited at the meeting and time will be allocated for the candidate to share their story and showcase their business. The candidate will receive a recognition award for participating in the program, photo opportunity and would have their promotional video featured on the Town of Davie’s social media platforms and website.

    6. Eligibility Requirements

      To participate in this program, candidates must comply with the following requirements:

      1. The candidate must be an existing business operating in person out of a non-residential site within the applicable boundaries (CRA or Town of Davie).
      2. The candidate and subject property owner must be current with all required licenses and have a valid Town of Davie Business Tax Receipt.
      3. The candidate and subject property owner must comply with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations including the Town’s Land Development Code. There must not be any outstanding permits or active code violations.
      4. The property owner of the site must be current with all taxes.
      5. The candidate must not be on the Town’s procurement disbarment list.
      6. The candidate must demonstrate internet presence through means of a website or social media platform.
      7. The candidate must agree to allow the Town to perform a level 2 background check and, at the Town’s sole discretion, the results can affect the candidate’s eligibility for this program.
      8. A candidate awarded the program incentive may not re-apply on behalf of the same business.
    7. Program Administration

      Program Process:

      • The program submission form will be posted on the Town of Davie website ( and create awareness of it through social media platforms.
      • The program will encourage business owners within the Town of Davie to apply and participate in the program.
      • The Town/CRA will review and evaluate all submissions and, at its sole discretion, will determine which businesses will be featured at the next quarterly meeting.
      • The Town/CRA will contact the selected businesses and coordinate the creation of the promotional video. The promotional video will include the following items:
        • Type of business
        • Number of years operating
        • How the business started
        • Why the candidate chose to start their business in the Town/CRA
      • If the business is a member of any civic organizations or participates in any community services.
      • The candidate will be scheduled for the quarterly meeting where the video will be displayed, and the candidate will be allotted three minutes to speak about their business.
      • The Town and CRA will feature the promotional video on its social media platforms and website.
      • The candidate will sign a media release waiver which grants the Town/CRA ownership rights to the promotional video, pictures, and any advertisement resulting from this program and such products can be used at the discretion of the Town/CRA.
      • The Town and CRA reserves the right to modify the eligibility requirements at any time.