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Restaurant Participation - Veterans Voucher Program

  1. Veterans Voucher Program
  2. About the Veterans Voucher Program

    The Town of Davie's Strategic Planning Committee is proud to announce the commencement of the 2023 Veterans Voucher Program. This program is designed to honor Davie residents who are veterans of our military and armed forces by providing vouchers to purchase meals from local restaurants during the upcoming Veterans Day holiday. Designated dates will be communicated to the participants directly.

    Now through October 13, 2023, the Town is conducting an open call to restaurants interested in participating in this program.  

  3. Requirements:
    1. Must be located in the Town of Davie
    2. Possess a Business Tax Receipt (BTR) 
    3. Have no outstanding code fines, liens or active cases.  

    Please complete this form in its entirety for town staff to verify your information before being allowed to participate in the program.  

  4. How the Voucher Works

    The voucher will have a $25 value, with the Town of Davie contributing $20 for each voucher and participating restaurants contributing $5.  The vouchers, which have no cash value, may be redeemed by any eligible veterans during the seven-day period to purchase consumable items from the participating restaurants, alcoholic beverages are not included in the program.   The program is limited to the first 125 eligible veterans who are residents of the Town of Davie. 

    Participating restaurants will be reimbursed for redeemed vouchers the week immediately following the conclusion of the voucher program. 

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  16. How did you hear about this program?

    ¿Cómo se enteró de este programa?  

  17. Questions?

    For questions regarding this program, please contact Chad Pezoldt at or 954-797-1151.

    The Town of Davie looks forward to working together with community restaurants to honor the proud legacy that our Davie resident veterans have provided both to our Town and our country.

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