How do I open a new account?

Accounts can be opened in person at Town Hall during regular business hours. New owners must present a copy of a Photo ID, as well as a copy of the closing statement (HUD statement). Tenants are not able to open their own account. Commercial customers will need to provide proof of having obtained a Business Tax Receipt prior to establishing an account. For information on Business Tax Receipts, please call 954-797-1178. There is a $30 New Account Charge for setting up any account; this will appear on the customer’s first bill listed as "Connection Charge". 

Water & Sewer Application

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1. How do I open a new account?
2. How does the Town of Davie bill for water and sewer service?
3. Why was my water disconnected?
4. How do I get my security deposit refund?
5. What is a delinquent account?
6. How do I locate water and sewer lines?
7. Who is responsible for the utility easements?
8. What are the application requirements and connection fees for new construction?
9. How do I pay my Utility Bill online or over the phone?
10. How do I close my account?