What problems are caused by stormwater pollution?
  1. Pollution - As stormwater runs-off of ’impervious’ surfaces (e.g. building/house rooftops, streets, parking lots, and driveways) it picks up contaminants and debris such as oil, grease, fertilizers, pesticides, litter, leaves and grass clippings. This stormwater runs through the miles of ditches and underground pipes that all lead to our lakes, streams and wetlands.  There it deposits the pollution that eventually will make its way to the underground aquifer, where our drinking water comes from. We need better pollution control and stormwater treatment to reduce this contamination.

  2. Runoff - Heavy rains cause flooding in some areas of Davie.  The combination of flat terrain and limited natural or man-made stormwater drainage systems results in flooded streets, yards, and occasionally a home or business.  The Town is working hard to solve these problems but there are areas yet to be addressed.

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2. What problems are caused by stormwater pollution?
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