Will my solid waste assessment increase or decrease due to this transition?

Residential curbside residents pay for their solid waste services through a solid waste assessment on your tax bill. 

Your current assessment (FY2021) includes the costs associated with the new Coastal collection contract.

The FY 2021 Solid Waste Service Assessment reflected a $99.85 increase ($230.64 to $330.49) from the FY 2020 Solid Waste Service Assessment that was based on the following assumptions:

  • Anticipated increase in the solid waste and recycling collection cost based on a new contract – the Town was procuring for the solid waste collection contract when the assessment was prepared.
  • Increased solid waste and bulk waste costs to reflect the actual solid and bulk waste disposal amounts – the Town’s generation of solid waste and disposal waste has increased over the past decade.
  • Enhancement of household hazardous waste offerings (quarterly to weekly) and the addition of residential bulk/yard waste drop-off weekly. Broward County will provide these services through an interlocal agreement with the Town.

When the Town Council passed the FY21 solid waste assessment, they stated that if actual expenses were lower than the assessment amount, the Town would reduce the following year’s (FY2022) solid waste assessment.

Therefore, based on the negotiated collection contract and savings from the FY2021 assessment, your estimated solid waste assessment for FY2022 is $258.

The FY2023 solid waste assessment will be based solely on the collection, disposal and special waste services costs. The FY2023 assessment is estimated at approximately $308.

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