What is an industrial wastewater discharge permit?

If the Town or business determines that an industrial wastewater discharge permit is needed, such a permit will be issued by the Town after a pretreatment application is received and processed. Industrial discharge users may be required to install pretreatment facilities to treat their process waste prior to discharge to the Town’s sewer system in order to meet pretreatment standards. Permits will be specific based on waste classification, either a Categorical Industrial User (CIU) or Significant Industrial User (SIU), and amount of waste being discharged, to name a few. Permittees will be placed on a compliance schedule and must periodically sample and analyze their discharge to determine compliance, and report the results to the Town's Utilities Department. Permittees who fail to comply with pretreatment standards may be liable to enforcement actions, including monetary penalties and termination of sewer service.

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