What is your fee schedule?
- Single sided copies (per page): $.15

- Double sided copies (per page): $.20

- Certified Documents (per page): $1 (plus copy fee) Video or Audio Tape

- Duplication: Estimated from $5 to $15

- Grid Search: Hourly labor charges plus copy fee

- Photograph Reproduction from negative: Estimated from $.35 to $15 per photo

- Research Service: Hourly labor charge plus copy fee

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1. How can I get my report?
2. What do I need to bring to pick up a Traffic Accident report?
3. What is your fee schedule?
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5. How do I find out the disposition of my case?
6. How do I get information on my parking ticket, and how do I pay for it?
7. How can I pay for my non-criminal traffic citation or see the status of a criminal case?