What times do the parks open and close?
They are open January through December from 9 a.m. to dusk.

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1. What is the Town of Davie refund policy?
2. Where and what times may I register my child for upcoming sports?
3. What would I need to do to get involved in coaching a sport?
4. What happens if I cannot attend the scheduled player ratings?
5. What times do the parks open and close?
6. Do you allow dogs in your parks?
7. How can I schedule an appointment to view a facility?
8. Can I come early to decorate if I have reserved a facility?
9. Can I reserve a room at the Davie Pine Island Multipurpose Facility for a private party?
10. Who do I contact to find out about the Craft Shows?
11. What recreational classes are offered through the Town of Davie?
12. Where can I find out information about upcoming rodeos?