Who is managing the Town’s Backflow Program?
The Town of Davie has contracted with Backflow Solutions Inc. (BSI) to manage the backflow certification process. BSI has experience managing similar programs for other municipalities across the country. All certifications for backflow compliance must be entered on-line through BSI’s website by the BSI certified plumber/backflow tester. BSI will serve as the primary point of contact for backflow inspections within the Town of Davie and can be contacted at 800-414-4990 or through their website.

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1. What is backflow?
2. What is a cross-connection?
3. Who does this requirement apply to?
4. When might backflow occur?
5. What are my responsibilities?
6. How do I comply with these requirements?
7. What if I don’t comply?
8. Who is managing the Town’s Backflow Program?
9. What is a backflow prevention assembly?
10. Why are backflow prevention assemblies required?
11. What is the cost of backflow prevention assemblies?
12. Who can install a backflow prevention assembly?
13. Who can test a backflow prevention assembly?