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1230 S Nob Hill Road
Davie, FL 33314




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To report a delayed incident, call 954-764-4357 to be connected to the Broward County South Region Dispatch Center.

For all news media inquiries, please see our Media Relations Unit .

Public Record Information:
The Town of Davie is governed by the State of Florida public records law. This means that the information we receive online including your email address might be disclosed to any person making a public records request. If you have any question about the Florida public records law refer to Chapter 119 Florida Statutes. 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Kinsey, Chief Steve Chief of Police 954-693-8320  
Polan, Assistant Chief James Assistant Chief of Police 954-693-8092  
Chastain, Major Christopher Administrative Support Major 954-693-8350  
Ravine, Captain Shawn Road Patrol Captain 954-693-8382  
Stone, Captain Jeremy Investigations Captain 954-693-8354  
Thomas, Captain Yensy Special Operations Captain 954-693-8307  
Bart, Lieutenant Bravo Shift Lieutenant 954-693-8375  
Bradley, Lieutenant Road Patrol Lieutenant /Watch Commander 954-693-8269  
Jessup, Lieutenant Road Patrol Lieutenant 954-693-8347  
Leon, Lieutenant Charlie Shift Lieutenant 954-693-8286  
Leone, Lieutenant Alpha Shift Lieutenant 954-693-8387  
Ortenzo, Lieutenant Road Patrol Lieutenant 954-693-8384  
Ravine, Lieutenant P. Special Operations Lieutenant 954-693-8302  
Smith, Lieutenant Administrative Support Lieutenant 954-693-8246  
Wong, Lieutenant Investigations Lieutenant 954-693-8298  
Anton, Sergeant Training Unit Sergeant 954-693-8386  
Bishop, Sergeant K9 & Mounted Unit Sergeant 954-693-8277  
Bogdon , Sergeant Crime Reduction Sergeant 954-693-8363  
Brown, Sergeant Road Patrol Sergeant 954-693-8357  
Castenada, Sergeant Road Patrol Sergeant 954-693-8392  
Choquette, Sergeant Road Patrol Sergeant 954-693-8383  
Frampton, Sergeant Road Patrol Sergeant 954-693-8377  
Holste, Sergeant Internal Affairs Sergeant 954-693-8325  
Honore, Sergeant Road Patrol Sergeant 954-693-8397  
Janzer, Sergeant Road Patrol Sergeant 954-693-8306  
Johnston, Sergeant Persons Crimes Sergeant 954-693-8355  
Laguna, Sergeant Traffic Unit Sergeant 954-693-8372  
Lambert, Sergeant Road Patrol Sergeant 954-693-8275  
Lysfjord, Sergeant Road Patrol Sergeant 954-693-8380  
Marseco, Sergeant Property Crimes Sergeant 954-693-8251  
Pritchard, Sergeant C.O.P Sergeant 954-693-8287  
Rivera , Sergeant Youth Services Sergeant 954-693-8256  
Rynning, Sergeant Road Patrol Sergeant 954-693-8083  
Savin, Sergeant Road Patrol Sergeant 954-693-8381  
Schendel, Sergeant Road Patrol Sergeant 954-693-8295  
Urbaez, Sergeant Youth Services Sergeant & PIO 954-693-8212  
Fletcher, Adrienne Administrative Aide to Chief of Police 954-693-8320  
Henry, Brenda Internal Affairs Administrative Sec. 954-693-8325  
Windham, Amy Criminal Investigations Administrative Secretary 954-693-8280  
Valdez, Nina Patrol Administrative Secretary 954-693-8350  
Andeara, Sarah Public Relations Coordinator & PIO 954-693-8333  
Anton, Jennifer Records & Communications Manager 954-693-8225  
Casey, Daniel Background Investigator 954-693-8328  
Cianciaruso, Michelle Communications Supervisor 954-693-8210  
De Antunano, Magdalena Human Resources Coordinator 954-693-8252  
Dixon-Peddlar, Karlene Fleet Supervisor 954-693-8247  
Dobson, Patti Training Coordinator 954-693-8265  
Ham, Amy Finance Clerk II 954-693-8348  
Lysfjord, Lori Quartermaster 954-693-8268  
Madias, Angela Compliance and Accreditation Manager 954-693-8395  
Orbesgosa, Fabiola Payroll Clerk 954-693-8248  
Pravato, Brigitte Property and Evidence Unit Supervisor 954-693-8230  
Boulier, Ashley Crime Analyst 954-693-8274  
Sicher-Hernandez, Cynthia Crime Analyst 954-693-8282  
Nesbitt, Judy Victim Advocate 954-693-8285  
Hurtado, CST Bertha Crime Scene Tech 954-693-8289  
Shaw, CST Eliza Crime Scene Tech 954-693-8292  
Pitrelli, CST Christina Crime Scene Tech 954-693-8278  
Patton, Detective Peter SVU Detective & PIO 954-693-8303  
Velazquez, Detective Eddy Homicide Detective 954-693-8290  
Albertini, Officer Training Officer 954-693-8263  
Brown, Officer Training Officer 954-693-8357  
Curtis, Officer Training Officer 954-693-8343  
Rodriguez, Officer Academy Training Officer 954-693-8200  
Borsoni, Karen Animal Resource Officer 954-693-8291  
Hernandez, Mayra Office Supervisor 954-693-8237  
Jimenez, Joseph Chief Landscape Inspector 954-693-8088  
Massey, Kimberly Code Compliance Inspector II 954-693-8367  
Notman, David Code Compliance Inspector 954-693-8361  
Perreira, Sarah Code Compliance Inspector 954-693-8082  
Phillips, Dana Code Compliance Supervisor 954-693-8237  
Silber, Stephanie Code Compliance Inspector 954-693-8080  
Stallone, Daniel J. Code Compliance Official 954-693-8237  
Velez, Catherine Code Compliance Inspector 954-693-8376  

Media Relations Unit 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Andeara, Sarah Public Relations Coordinator 954-693-8333  
Urbaez, Sergeant Kelvin PIO & Youth Services Unit 954-693-8212  
Patton, Detective Peter PIO & Detective 954-693-8303  

Private Duty Detail 

Davie Police Records Division 

Davie, FL 33324

Davie, FL 33324



Monday -Thursday

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Stockdale, Denise Police Department Records Supervisor 954-693-8315