Police Department


1230 S Nob Hill Road
Davie, FL 33314




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To report a delayed incident, call 954-764-4357 to be connected to the Broward County South Region Dispatch Center.

For all news media inquiries, please email our Media Relations Team.

To submit website comments, report website errors or omissions please contact the Davie Police Department Webmaster.

Public Record Information

The Town of Davie is governed by the State of Florida public records law. This means that the information we receive online including your email address might be disclosed to any person making a public records request. If you have any question about the Florida public records law refer to Chapter 119 Florida Statutes. 

Name Title Email Phone
Dunn, Keith Chief of Police 954-693-8200
Anton, Jennifer Dispatch Unit Supervisor    
Anton, Sergeant Robert Training Unit Supervisor   954-693-8386
Bradley, Lieutenant Ronald Road Patrol 954-693-8350
Brent, Detective Mark Domestic Violence Unit   954-693-8301
Brito, Officer Daniel Training Officer    
Brown, Officer Michael Training Officer    
Chastain, Lieutenant Christopher Administration Bureau 954-693-8350
Curtis, Officer Derrick Training Officer    
De Antunano, Magdalena Human Resources Coordinator 954-693-8252
Dobson, PSASA Patti Training Coordinator   954-693-8265
Engle, Major Dale Operations Bureau 954-693-8350
Fitzgerald, Lieutenant Timothy Road Patrol 954-693-8350
Isla, Sergeant Yensy Sergeant   954-693-8307
Lysfjord, Lori Quartermaster   954-693-8268
Madias, Angela Accreditation Program Specialist   954-693-8395
Moore, Major Richard Administration Bureau 954-693-8350
Nardello, Richard Recruiter 954-693-8328
Nesbitt, Judy Victim Advocate   954-693-8285
Pravato, Brigitte Property and Evidence Unit Supervisor   954-693-8230
Smith, Lieutenant Ed Special Operations Division 954-693-8350
Squarini, Major Joe Investigations Bureau 954-693-8280
Stone, Lieutenant Jeremy Road Patrol 954-693-8354
Themis-Fernandez, Lieutenant Maureen Road Patrol 954-693-8350

Media Relations Team 

Private Duty Detail 

Records Division 


Monday - Friday
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone
Stockdale, Denise Records Supervisor 954-693-8315

School Resource Unit 

Name Title Email Phone
Assam, Officer Brittany Western High School  
Caffarelli, Officer Robert Indian Ridge Middle School  
Laguna, Officer Christi McFatter Technical Center  
Madias, Officer Nick Nova Middle School  
Smith, Officer James Nova High School  


Name Title Email Phone
Wong, Edward Sergeant 954-693-8325