Grant Program Requirements/Application Page

The application process for the Town of Davie's Community Endowment Program is currently closed. At the September 21, 2022, Town Council Meeting, the Davie Town Councilmembers approved funding for this program for a three-year timeframe covering Fiscal Years 2023-2025. Contingent upon the availability of funds at the end of the current three-year cycle, Town Council may consider applications for FY2026. 

The Resolution and allocated funding distribution for the Community Endowment Program are available for review.

Application submittals contingent upon the following eligibility criteria:

  • Applicant is a nonprofit organization operating within the Town of Davie.
  • Performance of agency against quantifiable and measurable criteria, which the agency must specify.
  • Provide services to Town of Davie residents.

Applicant programs/projects must align with at least one (1) of the eight (8) Focus Areas:

  1. Art, Music or Theater;
  2. Education;
  3. Health, Wellness or Nutrition;
  4. Shelter and Housing/Housing Counseling;
  5. Respite Care and Services;
  6. Diversity and Cultural Outreach;
  7. Training and Career Planning/Development; and/or
  8. Emergency Assistance to Town of Davie residents.

The proposed programs/projects must also align with at least one (1) of the Town of Davie’s Strategic Priorities:

  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction;
  • Dedication to Excellence in Service Delivery;
  • Respecting and Promoting Diverse and Sustainable Community and Neighborhood Values with consideration of our historic roots;
  • Creating an Environment that is Conducive to Innovation, Creativity, and Collaboration; and
  • Nurturing the health, safety, and welfare of the community.

Submittal requirements are as follows:

  • One (1) clearly marked original application.
  • Seven (7) clearly marked copies of the application.
  • Exhibits are clearly marked and separated.
  • All applications and exhibits are three (3) hole punched.
  • All applications secured with rubber bands or clips (no folders or binders).

All agencies funded by the Community Endowment Program are required to enter into a contractual agreement with the Town specifying performance measures and financial and programmatic reporting requirements. Additional information requests may be required by the Town of Davie from submitting agencies if necessary and in the Town’s best interest. All decisions of the Town Council are final and binding.