Town Attorney

Department Description 

The Office of the Town Attorney was founded in 2013. The office is comprised of a full-time attorney.

Allan T. Weinthal, Esq. 

Mr. Weinthal serves the Town Attorney for the Town of Davie. Mr. Weinthal graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2011. He achieved his Bachelor of Science majoring in Legal Studies and minoring in Criminal Justice. Mr. Weinthal graduated from Nova Southeastern School of Law in 2015. Mr. Weinthal began working for the Town in October of 2015. 


The Office of the Town Attorney provides in-house legal counsel for the Town of Davie. They work with every department, every Town Board, every Town Committee, and the Town Council to ensure legal compliance. Additionally, we draft and/or review all contracts, legal documents, resolutions, and ordinances. We perform legal research and legal opinions as required. The office represents the Town in civil actions, civil proceedings, and municipal ordinance prosecutions.  

  1. Allan Weinthal

    Town Attorney
    Phone: 954-797-1140