Industrial Pretreatment

Domestic wastewater is wastewater originating from activities such as restroom usage, washing, bathing, food preparation, and laundry.
Industrial wastewater is process wastewater originating from manufacturing, commercial businesses, mining, agricultural production and processing, and wastewater from cleanup of petroleum and chemical contaminated sites, to name a few. According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Agency (, all wastewater that is not defined as domestic wastewater is considered industrial wastewater.
All industrial wastewater that discharges to domestic wastewater or reclamation treatment facility, must be regulated under the Industrial Pretreatment Program.
Local limits are developed to meet the pretreatment program objectives and site-specific needs of the POTW. The local limits are threshold values for a specific set of pollutants and are applicable to all industrial facilities that discharge to a POTW. On August 30 , 2021 the Town of Davie received the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) approval for the pretreatment program modification, including Surcharge implementation, as provided in the Town’s revised Sewer Use Ordinance.
The Surcharge applies only to the conventional pollutants, including CBOD, COD, TSS, TP, and Oil & Grease. The current Local Limits table shows Maximum Allowable concentrations (mg/L) while Local Limits serve as a Surcharge threshold (see Table below). Occasional exceedances of the Surcharge concentration/s are expected, and the penalties calculated will be based on the industrial user's flowmeter readings. The surcharge-able parameters will be tested on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis, depending on the industrial user's flow and permit. 
Parameter Current Local Limit (mg/L) Maximum Allowable Limit (mg/L)
Arsenic 0.1  
Cadmium 0.5  
Chromium Total 1.0  
Copper 0.6  
Cyanide 0.03  
Lead 0.4  
Mercury 0.004  
Nickel 1.0  
Selenium 1.0  
Silver  0.24  
Zink  1.0  
Carbonaceous Biological Oxygen Demand (CBOD5) 250*
Surcharge Fees
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) 400*
Surcharge Fees
Total Suspended Solids (TSS) 250*
Surcharge Fees
Total Phosphorus (TP)  15*
Surcharge Fees
Oil and Grease 200*
Surcharge Fees
pH 5.5-9.5