Utility Bill Payment

Pay Your Utility Bill

Pay Your Utility Bill/Set up Automatic Payments

The Town of Davie is working in partnership with Paymentus to give you a variety of ways to pay for your Town of Davie services online or by telephone. Currently, we only are accepting electronic payments for Town of Davie Utility Bills. We will be adding electronic payments to many of our other services in the very near future.

Paymentus allows you to make electronic payments immediately or schedule payments using a credit card, debit card, or checking account. These transactions can be made online or via the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR).

convenience fee of $4.95 will be added to each transaction for using this service. 
To use Paymentus' Website, you may make a one-time payment using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or an eCheck for transactions up to $500. Please note that if your transaction is greater than $500, you'll need to arrange for more than one payment. Or you may create an account on the Customer Dashboard for Paymentus, with this option you will be able to set up automatic payments to pay your full balance on the due date.

Once you are registered with Paymentus, making payments is quick and easy.

You may also call the Paymentus IVR at 855-288-1496 to make a payment.