Water Distribution

The Water Distribution Division is responsible for the maintenance of water mains, valves, meters and fire hydrants. Water produced at the treatment plants travel in a series of underground water pipes and is delivered to all our customers. This ensures uninterrupted water service to residential and commercial customers as well as fire protection services. 
Field crews in the division perform day to day operations on the system, including water main repair and replacement, meter reading, repair and replacement, valve and fire hydrant exercising, leak detection and construction oversight. Currently, the Town maintains approximately 160 miles of water mains, 3600 valves and 1350 fire hydrants.
The employees of the Water Division are trained in many disciplines, from operation and maintenance of the water distribution system infrastructure to public health and safety. Employees must maintain a Water Distribution License through the State of Florida. The division works weekdays, but is on “call” if needed for emergency situations, to ensure uninterrupted water services to our customers.

The Water Distribution Division is also responsible for conducting fire hydrant flushing / flow testing, which typically is performed twice per year. This preventative maintenance practice is done to remove minerals and sediment that accumulate in the water lines over the course of a year.