Wastewater Treatment

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is licensed to operate under specific permit requirements as issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Agency (FDEP) and guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The plant is operated by Florida licensed Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators that work 24 hours / 7 days a week to ensure the continuous treatment to protect public health and safety. It is currently permitted to process 4.85 million gallons per day (MGD) of wastewater.
Wastewater generated by residential users, businesses and industries is transported to the Waste Water Treatment Plant via underground piping and pump stations throughout the Town. Wastewater entering a treatment plant is referred to as the INFLUENT. Influent consists of water, organic materials from toilets and kitchen disposals, inorganic material such as sediment as well  as industrial and non industrial chemicals. The facility is designed to remove as much of the waste from the influent as possible so that the final treated water (EFFLUENT) will have minimal impact on the environment or end user. The Town of Davie Wastewater Plant sends its effluent to the City of Hollywood for Reuse Treatment. Excess flows are sent to ocean outfall. 

The solids portion of the influent (BIOSOLIDS) are dewatered and transported to a residuals management facility for beneficial reuse as fertilizer and so forth. The biosolids meet permit and State regulations. 

The treatment process is shown below: Wastewater is pumped from underground wastewater collections piping and multiple lift stations to the headworks of the plant. Coarse material, such as sand, grit and rags are removed by a screening process. The screened wastewater is gravity fed to a surge tank where it is aerated, then pumped to the treatment units, where it undergoes biological reduction of wastes. The treated water is then gravity fed to the lagoon basins for disinfection. After disinfection the treated effluent is pumped to the City of Hollywood where it is treated to reuse standards.