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The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for the storage of all impounded property and evidence submitted by law enforcement personnel of the Davie Police Department. Found items with no ownership are considered abandoned after 90 days and are subject to disposal. Evidentiary items related to crimes other than capital felonies will be disposed of after the final disposition of the courts; as outlined within the Florida State Statutes relating to evidence retention.

Claiming Your Property

If you wish to retrieve property from the Davie Police Department Property Unit please read the following guidelines:

  • We ask that you call in advance to schedule an appointment to ensure the property was processed and is available for release. Appointments are recommended and in some cases required.
  • When requesting an appointment please include your Davie Police case number. If you do not have your case number, please contact the Records Unit.
  • Proper photo identification is required for the return of all property. In some cases other documentation may be requested.
  • If you are unable to retrieve your property in person you may assign another person to retrieve it on your behalf. Some exemptions may apply. It is required that you obtain a notarized letter of authorization. The letter must be addressed to the Davie Police Department Property Unit and include: the case number, the legal name of the person you are granting this authority to, your signature, and an original notary stamp and notary signature.


The return of firearms may require a court order or additional documentation before release. All court orders must be originals/true copies and signed by a judge. Please contact the Property Unit for clarification and/or further instructions.

Found Property

If you are listed as the owner on the property receipt, present the receipt with the case number on it and a valid photo ID. If you are not listed as the owner, you must present proof of ownership. For public notification a Lost and Found list is posted in the Main Lobby.

Property Held for Safekeeping

If you are listed on the property receipt as the owner, present the property receipt and valid photo identification. If you're not listed as the owner, contact the officer who issued the receipt. The officer must authorize, in writing, the release of the property to you.


Per Florida State Statue 925.11 and 925.12, if the suspect in a felony case is found guilty by jury or if the pled in court, the property must be held until the sentence has been fully served plus 60 days after the conclusion of a proceeding, regardless of who owns the property.  If the case is "dismissed" or the suspect was "acquitted" of all charges, the property can be released with written authorization from the detective or officers responsible for the case. A certified copy of a court order can also release property at any time (with an appointment).

All property will be disposed of in the accordance with chapter 705 of the Florida State Statue. The title unclaimed evidence, which is lawfully seized, shall vest permanently in the law enforcement agency 60 days after the concussion of a proceeding. Similarly, found property will be returned to its lawful owner as soon as possible. We do not hold auctions at the police department, all disposed of property is transferred to, Police Auction Online.

  1. Brigitte Pravato

    Property and Evidence Unit Supervisor