The Dispatch Unit is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week and receives approximately Dispatch Worker150,000 telephone calls each year.

Communications is equipped with live CAD, (computer aided dispatch), which is linked to the Broward Sheriff’s Office and OSSI CAD which is linked to Davie Road Patrol Officers.  In this way information is quickly accessed by all sworn personnel who are employed at the Davie Police Department. It is here in Communications where stolen articles, vehicles, guns, and boats, as well as missing persons data are entered into the state and national computer system. It can be accessed by Law Enforcement personnel nationwide.  The public can access a limited view of this information at the FDLE website.

Communications personnel also monitor and maintain information for the RUOK program.  RUOK is a free computerized program for Davie residents who live alone and are seriously ill or elderly.  The computer calls the individual everyday at a set time.  If there is no answer an alarm goes off signaling there is a problem. If no contact is made after attempting to personally contact the individual, an officer is dispatched to the location to check the welfare of the resident.  If you are interested in this program please contact Marge Jozwiak, 954-693-8266 or 954-693-8200.