The Dispatch Unit is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week including all holidays and during any declared States of Emergency. The civilian-operated communications department is equipped with four dispatching consoles and receives approximately 150,000 telephone calls each year. It is here that dispatchers also monitor numerous police radio channels.

The Davie Police Department’s Communications Center is equipped with live CAD (computer-aided dispatch), which directly links Broward County Sheriff’s Office and all personnel who are employed at the Davie Police Department via computer. It is here in Communications where entries are made into the state and national computer system accessible by Law Enforcement personnel nationwide. Various entries can include stolen vehicles, phones, laptops, electronics, lost/stolen/found guns, and missing people.  The public can access a limited view of this information at the FDLE website. The Communications Department also maintains various logs including our animal log. If you find or lose a domesticated animal, you can call the Communications Department and they will log the information in hopes of reuniting the animal with its rightful owner.

Dispatch is directly responsible for maintaining the SaferWatch Application. The FREE SaferWatch App gives residents and visitors in the Town of Davie a direct line to the Davie Police Department. Using the SaferWatch App, individuals can report incidents and receive real-time safety alerts directly from law enforcement. This is all accomplished directly from your mobile device. Any information that comes into SaferWatch is immediately received by a dispatcher, who then puts the calls out for service.

Communications personnel also monitor and maintain information for the RUOK program.  RUOK is a free computerized program for Davie residents who live alone and are may be seriously ill or elderly.  A computer will call the individual every day at the time requested by the resident.  If no one answers the phone, Communications personnel are notified and attempt to call the person directly. If telephone communication is not successful after multiple attempts, an officer is dispatched to the location to check the welfare of the resident.  

  1. Michelle Cianciaruso

    Communications Supervisor