Automatic Disqualifiers for Applicants

The Davie Police Department uses the following guidelines when reviewing applications. If an applicant meets any of these qualifications, they will be automatically disqualified:

  • Drug Usage within 36 months of the date of application
  • Tobacco usage within 6 months of the date of application
  • Tattoos are not permitted in any visible location, above the collarbone, on the neck, face, head, scalp, or hands. 
  • Steroid Usage within 60 months of the date of application
  • Any usage of heroin, cocaine and/or hallucinogenic substances
  • Having a suspended and/or revoked driver's license within the past 60 months (not insurance related)
  • Having five or more moving violations within the last 5 years and/or a poor overall driving history
  • DUI arrest and/or conviction in the last five years
  • Having 3 or more “at fault” traffic crashes within the past 5 years
  • Current open FDLE cases, department Internal Affairs case, any open criminal investigation case with a Law Enforcement Agency and/or any pending law suits (criminal or civil) Omissions concerning previous employment
  • Failed Town of Davie Background Investigation, Polygraph or Psychological Exam within the past year
  • Felony convictions