Property Crimes

property crimes

The Property Crimes Section of the Investigations Bureau consists of eight Detectives, who are assigned to various Units, depending on their specialty.  Additionally, the Property Crimes Section has two Crime Analysts, who assist the Investigations Bureau, as well as the entire operation of the police department.

The Property Crimes Section works closely with several federal agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Secret Service, the ATF, and the Florida State Fire Marshall on an ongoing basis.

The Property Crimes Section is Broken Down Into Several Specialized Investigatory Areas

General Investigations Unit

The General Investigations Unit has the responsibility of investigating various non-specialized property crimes in the town. The cases which are investigated by this unit may include grand theft (property over $300 in value), counterfeit cases, criminal mischief (vandalism), arson, and animal cruelty, etc.

Burglary Unit

The Burglary Unit consists of four detectives, two of which investigate residential and business burglaries, and two of which handle auto burglaries and auto thefts.  Due to the nature of these types of crimes, the detectives assigned to this unit work hand-in-hand with detectives from agencies around Broward and Dade counties in order to share information and develop potential case leads.

Economic Crimes Unit

The Economic Crimes Unit investigates all crimes commonly referred to as "white collar crimes," such as Fraud, Forgery, and Identity Theft.  Due to the complex nature of most economic crimes, the detectives assigned to this unit routinely work with a variety of banking professionals, and the Secret Service, the Florida State Division of Insurance Fraud, and other similar agencies.

Crime Analyst

The Crime Analyst continuously provides up-to-the-minute statistical data to the Investigations Bureau, providing the detectives with real-time information that assists them in solving the cases assigned to them.  Additionally, the Crime Analysts, on a weekly/monthly basis, provides statistical data to the entire police department, in an effort to predict the likelihood of where crime may occur next (known as predictive analysis).  The Crime Analysts also is charged with providing statistical data to civilians who call the police department and make specific requests.

  1. Captain Jeremy Stone

    Investigations Captain

  1. Sergeant Honore

    Property Crimes Sergeant