Person Crimes

persons crimes

Detectives assigned to Person Crimes are responsible for investigating all homicides, robberies, rape, assaults, arsons, and domestic violence. Although capable of investigating any crime, Person Crimes detectives focus on developing expertise in their respective fields. This specialized training and experience have become instrumental toward solving numerous cases. In partnership with the Broward State Attorney's Office, they team up to successfully prosecute criminals.

Through the use of crime analysis, networking with neighboring agencies, or with the help of citizen information, profiles can be developed to potentially identify suspects or predict their future criminal behavior. This information can assist in effective crime suppression and/or apprehension efforts.

Being the victim of any crime can be unsettling. However, being the victim of a physical or “persons” crime can be even more traumatic. In addition to capitalizing on their problem-solving skills, investigators must be empathetic toward victim needs. In particular, our Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence investigators work closely with victim advocacy groups regarding available resources and “victim rights.”

Death Investigations Unit

The Death Investigations Unit has 2 detectives assigned.  These detectives handle all death investigations, including natural deaths, suicides, accidental deaths, and homicides. Since the year 2000, we have had 53 homicides within the Town of Davie.  During this time frame, The Davie Police Department has a 98% clearance rate.

Special Victim's Unit

The Special Victim’s Unit has 4 detectives assigned.  These detectives handle cases involving child abuse/neglect, sexual battery, internet crimes against children, child pornography, elderly abuse and exploitation, and missing persons.  These detectives are also responsible for keeping track of the sex offenders and predators that reside within the Town of Davie.  Three of our Special Victims detectives are assigned to the I.C.A.C. (Internet Crimes Against Children) task force.

Violent Crimes Unit

The Violent Crimes Unit has 2 detectives assigned.  They are responsible for all robberies, aggravated felonies, and gang issues.  They also work with the Violent Crimes Task Force through the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  This unit also serves as support to the Death Investigations Unit.

  1. Captain Jeremy Stone

    Investigations Captain

  1. Lieutenant Wong

    Investigations Lieutenant

  1. Sergeant M. Marseco

    Person Crimes Sergeant