Criminal Investigations Division


Our purpose in the Criminal Investigations Division is to provide the community with a specialized team to investigate, solve and assist in the prosecution of criminal activity that occurs within the Town of Davie. We live up to this purpose by exemplifying our core values of integrity, professionalism, dedication, teamwork, and loyalty.

The Investigations Bureau is a group of highly trained, self-motivated people who have a personal interest and responsibility of identifying, locating, arresting, and assisting in the successful prosecution of the perpetrators of crimes within Davie.  The 24 detectives who serve in the Investigations Bureau are proud to provide high-quality service to the citizens that they serve always on their minds.  The detectives in the Investigations Bureau are on call 24 hours a day and will work tirelessly to achieve their goals.      

The Investigations Division is comprised of the Person Crimes, Property Crimes, Special Investigations, Victim Advocate, Crime Analysis, and the Crime Scene Unit.:

  • The Person Crimes Division handles a variety of criminal investigations, including homicide, sexual assault, robbery, etc. They are also responsible for identifying and tracking sexual predators and sexual offenders.
  • The Property Crimes Division handles a variety of criminal investigations, including burglary, economic crimes, and thefts among others.
  • The Special Investigations Division is responsible for addressing crimes related to sensitive investigations and narcotics. Detectives work in conjunction with several federal, state, and local task forces to foster a combined effort in the fight against drugs.
  • Our Victim Advocate keeps victims informed of their rights and remedies and assists them in getting support, assistance, and guidance throughout the criminal justice proceedings.
  • Crime Analysis assists the bureau by ensuring awareness of trends and patterns of criminal activity so that we can develop strategic action plans for combating crime.
  • The Crime Scene Unit assists in the investigation of crimes by identifying, gathering, and collecting evidence.

The Investigative Services Division works in collaboration with other members of the law enforcement community in a combined effort to make our neighborhoods safer while improving the quality of life for all of our residents, business owners, and visitors.

  1. Captain Jeremy Stone

    Investigations Captain

  1. Lieutenant Wong

    Investigations Lieutenant

  1. Sergeant Schendel

    Property Crimes Sergeant

  1. Sergeant M. Marseco

    Person Crimes Sergeant

  1. Sergeant Bogdon

    Crime Reduction Sergeant

  1. Amy Windham

    Criminal Investigations Administrative Secretary