Special Response Team


IMG_9361Established in 1987, the Special Response Team (SRT) was formed for the purpose of handling potentially dangerous or life-threatening situations which demand resources, weapons, and tactics that cannot be provided by patrol units. SRT members are trained and skilled in the use of special weapons and tactics that are designed to reduce the risk of injury or death to law enforcement officers or innocent civilians, apprehend criminal elements, and bring about the safest resolution to any situation. The Special Response Team is deployed for a variety of situations such as Barricaded Subjects, Hostage Situations, Dignitary Protection, Fugitive Apprehensions, and the service of High-Risk warrants.

IMG_932441The Special Response Team consists of a Commander; Captain Stone, Executive Officer; Lieutenant Wong, Team Leaders, and a full complement of operators. The team also consists of precision shooters/observers, tactical medics, and logistic technicians.  

The Davie Police Department’s Special Response Team is dedicated to serving the citizens of Davie and the officers of the Department. The Special Response Team will always maintain the highest proficiency in all of the aspects of tactical deployment and seek to bring each crisis to the safest resolution.

  1. Captain Jeremy Stone

    Investigations Captain

  1. Lieutenant Wong

    Investigations Lieutenant