Youth Services Unit


Led by Captain Thomas and Lieutenant Bart, Sergeant Garcia, The Youth Services Unit provides services to twelve public Davie Schools throughout the Town of Davie.  The unit consists of sixteen School Resource Officers assigned to school levels K-12, four college-level school resource officers, and an officer assigned to the Davie Police Athletic League.

School resource officers work alongside officials from the School Board of Broward County and the local school administration to provide overall security and safety to students and faculty. All School Resource Officers are Crisis Intervention Team Members. This training prepares the officers to deal effectively with individuals during a crisis and increases the officer’s knowledge and skills related to mental illness and substance abuse.

The school resource officers also provide several invaluable educational programs to students throughout the year on a variety of topics like drug and alcohol abuse resistance education, general safety and security education, etc.

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  1. Captain Yensy Thomas

    Special Operations Captain

  1. Lieutenant Leon

    Special Operations Lieutenant