Dive Team


Led by Lieutenant Bart and Sergeant Holste, the Underwater Recovery Team (Dive Team) is an eight-member team that handles all water-borne incidents for the Town of Davie. One sergeant and six officers assigned to the team are all certified Police Divers. The team is responsible for providing safe underwater rescue and recovery operations in and around the Town of Davie and as approved in mutual aid operations. The team is utilized for not only the rescue and recovery of drowning victims but for the search for submerged vehicles and evidence related to ongoing criminal investigations.

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The team also actively participates in the Department of Homeland Securities Blue Lightening Strike Force. This Strike Force is responsible for assisting with the safety and security of the ports of South Florida. The Strike Force is deployed to search the hulls of tankers, freighters, and cruise ships that enter our ports.

  1. Lieutenant Bart

    Road Patrol Lieutenant

  1. Sergeant Cavalie

    Road Patrol Sergeant