Crisis Response Team


Led by Lieutenant Patricia Ravine, the Davie Police Department Crisis Response Team (C.R.T.) consists of officers and supervisors who work in various units within the department. Members are selected based upon their work and life experience, training, communication, and organizational skills in order to provide a wide range of knowledge and skills necessary for the situations faced by the team.

The members of C.R.T. are specially trained to interact with people in crisis and other high-risk situations such as suicidal subjects, barricaded suspects, and hostage events. Every member of the team belongs to the Florida Association of Hostage Negotiators and receives training on a regular basis. This includes training with other agencies during multi-agency scenario training and the Davie Police Department’s Special Response Team.

DSC_3826The team and its members respond to numerous calls each year, including situations where only an individual officer may be needed instead of the entire team. The mission of the C.R.T. is to seek a peaceful and successful resolution to these situations through communication and listening skills while also providing valuable information and intelligence to the Special Response Team.

  1. Lieutenant Bradley

    Road Patrol Lieutenant