Community Oriented Policing Unit

The Community Oriented Policing Unit was created to work in partnership with the community for the purpose of promoting safe streets and neighborhoods and improving the overall quality of life.

The officers assigned to this unit have specialized training and are responsible for addressing and resolving identified issues or problem areas within our community by utilizing proactive, problem-solving skills. Members of the unit also participate in many community and town-sponsored functions throughout the year.

Community policing officers continuously work on developing and creating partnerships between the community and the Police Department in an effort to improve the quality of life for all within the Town of Davie. The officers utilize bicycles as part of their community policing duties which allows the officers to interact more easily with residents and be more approachable than police officers in patrol cars. Their high visibility and easy accessibility promote greater community involvement and communications between police officers and members of the community.IMG_2461

The unit is comprised of one sergeant, and four officers assigned to different areas of the city, four officers assigned to Nova Southeastern University, and two officers assigned to Broward College.