Water Conservation

Learn about  initiatives of the town of Davie and others to ensure that we use our water efficiently and thoughtfully. Water is a natural resource we cannot live without, and it is our job as a community to help conserve what we have for future generations.

Broward Water Conservation, water dropletBroward County Water Conservation          

Conservation of our water resources is important throughout the year as we never know what Mother Nature will bring us in terms of rainfall. Broward County has a number of programs that address water conservation, both indoors and outdoors, learn more about these programs.

Rain Barrel in yard beside buildingBroward Rain Barrel Initiative  

Rain barrels are containers used to capture and store storm water runoff from rooftops. This water can then be used for irrigation or other uses, but not drinking. Learn more about this sustainable method of water collection.  

Conservation Pays, Toilet Rebate ProgramConservation Pays              

The Town of Davie is offering rebates and free water-conserving devices to help make water conservation a top priority, and a way of life. Funding and supplies are limited so don’t delay. Read below to find out more details about how you can save water and money.

Davie Utilites, Watering can cartoon pouring waterDavie Water Utilities            

See the water and sewer service rates for the Town of Davie.

South Florida Water Management District logoSouth Florida Water Management District 

Visit the South Florida Water Management District Water Conservation site to view how they are approaching water conservation and how you can help to contribute efforts in your community. 

Recycle Water, Water MattersWater Matters

This website explains the responsibility we share in protecting our water resources and will give you the knowledge needed to make water-wise decisions. Broward County's Water Matters shows how you can do your part to make sure clean water is available for everyone.

Image of a lake with a wooden dock, surrounded by treesWater Quality Reports

Access the archive of reports of the water in Davie. Read about levels of minerals and particles in your water.