Unbiased Policing Policy

Davie Police Department’s Unbiased Policing Policy

It is the policy of the Davie Police Department to patrol in a proactive manner, investigate suspicious persons and circumstances, and to actively enforce applicable laws and ordinances. The department requires that citizens will only be detained when there is reasonable suspicion to believe they have committed, are committing, or are about to commit, a violation of the law.   Initiating any action based solely on a person’s race, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical handicap, political status or socioeconomic status is strictly prohibited, and is cause for discipline up to, and including, dismissal.  Persons having contact with members of this agency shall be treated in a fair, impartial, equitable and objective manner, in accordance with law and without consideration of their individual demographics.

Enforcing All Laws

All sworn officers of the Davie Police Department are responsible for enforcing all applicable laws within Town jurisdiction as a means to correct inappropriate driving behaviors and habits, ensure community safety by reducing accidents, and to educate drivers. Officers are expected to use good judgment in exercising their discretion. Officers are required to evaluate the severity of the violation in relation to the circumstances and conditions that exist, consider the goodwill of the community, and determine an appropriate course of action that maintains the professional ethic that the department requires of its members. Effective courses of action may include a verbal or written warning, issuance of a citation, or arrest if the violation has criminal penalties.

Continued Training

Officers will receive continued training beyond their academy training regarding proactive enforcement, officer safety, cultural diversity, search and seizure, courtesy, and communication skills. In keeping with the department’s mission and values, training programs will emphasize the need to respect the rights of all citizens to be free from unreasonable intrusion or police action.


Any person may file a complaint with the department if they believe that a Davie police officer has violated department policies. No person shall be discouraged, discriminated against, intimidated, or coerced from filing such complaint. The complaint may be made by phone, mail, or in person. All complaints are thoroughly investigated by the Office of the Chief and the person filing the complaint will be notified of the outcome of the investigation