Participants Guidelines

It is the players’ responsibility to cooperate with the coach, his staff and team mates.  Any team’s success depends largely on the spirit of cooperation.  Attendance at all scheduled events including practices and games are important in the learning experience.  The Head Coach will deal with infractions on an individual basis, bringing flagrant violations to the Sports Coordinators attention for discipline, if necessary.  On the registration form that each parent fills out it states:

The Davie Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to dismiss or expel any person(s) from our programs or facilities for behavior that is detrimental to the programs and facilities. This includes, but is not limited to conduct that constitutes safety hazards, physical abuse, mental abuse and failure to comply with Town rules and regulations.

Further Guidelines

  • Any player willfully damaging Town of Davie property will be suspended from all activities until he has compensated for or repaired the damage. Reinstatement will be subject to Town of Davie approval.
  • Opposing players may not harass the opposing teams’ players or coaches.
  • Throwing your batting helmet or bat may warrant ejection from the game, at the option of the umpire or official.
  • Any player not returning his football equipment at the end of the football season will be suspended from all activities until the uniform is returned or paid for.
  • Players fighting before, during or after the game will be suspended from play for the next game attended by that player, in addition to suspension from the balance of the game in which the fight occurred.
  • Any player who is registered in a Town of Davie program that overlaps play with another Town of Davie program will not be allowed to quit that program to join the other.  If the player quits the program he will be suspended from play until that season is finished, at which time he will be allowed to register for the next program.
  • Any player losing a part of the uniform will be required to pay the cost of that part to receive another one.