Community Barn Watch Program

In response to the recent rash of slaughtering horses in both  Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, Town of Davie Mayor Judy Paul is taking action by organizing a “Community Barn Watch Program”.  

All Equine owners alarmed by the senseless slaughtering of horses are encouraged to become active and join “Community Barn Watch Program.”

The Community Barn Watch Program encourages horse owners as well as concerned citizens to keep a watchful eye and immediately report suspicious persons or activity to law enforcement.


Program participants will receive a “Community Barn Watch” sign to post in their neighborhood. The signs will send a strong message to “animal abusers” that Davie is a united community that is watching and ready to take action against animal abusers. View or download the Barn Watchers Sign Application (PDF).


If you have any questions, please contact Crew Leader Kevin Favata at 954-327-3940.

  1. Kevin Favata

    Recreation Coordinator
    Phone: 954-327-3940

Red hexagonal sign with text: farm protected by Barn Watchers