Shenandoah Park Trail

Shenandoah Park Trail Points of Interest

The Shenandoah Park Trail is a neighborhood trail that winds through the Shenandoah subdivision. It begins at Shenandoah Park located at 14452 Shenandoah Parkway.

The park has a shelter with a grill, children’s play area, baseball and football fields, basketball court, activity building, tennis court, roller hockey rink, and recreational trails. Following Shenandoah Parkway east out from the park, the trial is a winding tree covered path going out to SW 136th Avenue.

Turning to the left, one could access the local supermarket and other retail stores at the corner of I-595 and SW 136th Avenue. Turning to the right and going south, would bring one to Western High School, the largest school in Davie.

At the corner of SW 14th Street you would turn right and travel west. On the south side of 14th Street is the subdivision known as Oak Hill, one of Davie’s most equestrian–oriented communities. Lots within this subdivision must contain a least an acre and many are much larger. Continue west and you will travel pat the rear entrance of Shenandoah Park.  

This Trail winds around the outside and through many of the residential neighborhoods that make up the Shenandoah area, connecting them all in an ever winding loop.