Rural & Farmlife

  1. Agricultural & Environmental Adviosry Committee

    Agricultural & Environmental Adviosry Committee

    Find agendas, minutes, calendar, and documents for the Agricultural and Environmental Advisory Committee.

  2. Climate Change Information

    Climate Change Information

    Browse documents, articles, and videos to educate yourself on climate change.

  3. Community Barn Watch Program

    Community Barn Watch Program

    The Community Barn Watch Program encourages horse owners as well as concerned citizens to keep a watchful eye and immediately report suspicious persons or activity to law enforcement.

  4. Community Gardens

    Community Gardens

    Learn more about the community garden in Davie, find gardening resources, and contact information.

  5. Davie Farm Guide (PDF)

    Davie Farm Guide (PDF)

    View or download the Farm Guide for Davie! Learn about regulations and other helpful information.

  1. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

    Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

    Find out more from the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. Read how rural life and farm life live in tandem with the town.

  2. Equine Operations Best Management Practices (PDF)

    Equine Operations Best Management Practices (PDF)

    Learn more about horse care, management, stable care, and other helpful information.

  3. The Fig Whitefly (PDF)

    The Fig Whitefly (PDF)

    Discover more about this small white insect and its impact on plants and life in Davie.

  4. Florida Friendly Landscaping Code

    Florida Friendly Landscaping Code

    Access, view or download the the code of ordinances for landscaping.

  5. Livestock & Large Animal Disaster Registry

    Livestock & Large Animal Disaster Registry

    The time to take steps to protect your horses, livestock and other large animals is well in advance of an approaching storm. You should have a written plan in place to help protect and ensure the safety of your animals well before hurricane season.

  6. Urban Farming Resources

    Urban Farming Resources

    Browse articles, resolutions, and meeting documents regarding urban farming in Davie.