Ivanhoe Park Trail

Ivanhoe Park Trail Points of Interest

The Ivanhoe Park Trail system loops through the Ivanhoe subdivisions of Crossbow, Falcons Lea, Waterford, Hawks Bluff, Waverly Hundred, Britannia and Stoneridge Lakes Estates.

The Trail connects the different parks and schools throughout the Ivanhoe area and ties into the Ivanhoe Fire Station and Community Center.  Waverly Park at 6625 Hawkes Bluff Avenue contains shelters, a multipurpose field, tennis courts, basketball court, jogging path and paddleball court. Hawkes Bluff Elementary school is located at the corner of Stirling Road and SW 160th sidewalk and grassy fireld, with treesAvenue.

Just east of the Interstate 75 overpass on Stirling Road, one can see Waterford Park to the north side. This is a relatively active park with shelters, grills, tot lot, volleyball, tennis, paddle ball, basketball, and a multipurpose field. The Ivanhoe Community Center and Fire Station is located on the corner of Stirling Road and SW 148th Avenue, providing a convenient meeting place for the Ivanhoe community.

The trail continues north along SW 148th Avenue to Griffin Road, where it connects with the Regency Shopping Center, where residents can shop for groceries, dine out and obtain fuel for their vehicles.

Another park along this trail is the Crossbow, FPL Easement. This park combines a passive park with a recreational trail and open space between the Crossbow and Falcon’s Lea subdivisions.