Recreational Trails

Recreational Trails Map
  1. Driftwood Park Trail

    Driftwood Park Trail exists in a more urban setting than some of the Town’s other trails. Some parts exist along curbed sidewalks and some on asphalt pathways.

  2. Ivanhoe Park Trail

    The Ivanhoe Park Trail system loops through the Ivanhoe subdivisions of Crossbow, Falcons Lea, Waterford, Hawks Bluff, Waverly Hundred, Britannia and Stoneridge Lakes Estates.

  3. Linear Park Trail

    The Linear Park Trail travels east to west for eight (8) miles along the north bank of the south New River Canal, a major drainage canal originally initiated by Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward 1905-09 to drain the Everglades.

  4. Oak Hill Park Trail

    Take a look at the points of interest along the Oak Hill Park Recreational Trail.

  5. Peaceful Ridge Trail

    The Peaceful Ridge Trail is a local trail that connects the neighborhoods along SW 26th Street and Hiatus Road to the I-595 corridor.

  1. Pine Island Ridge Trail

    View the points of interest on the Pine Island Ridge Trail.

  2. Robbins Vista View Trail

    Take a look at the points of interest for the Robbins Vista View Recreational Trail.

  3. Roberts Potter Park Trail

    This is one of Davie’s more urban trails. Lying within a portion of East Davie, containing the downtown Western Theme Area, the trail connects a multitude of small neighborhoods winding between the Town’s parks, schools and business districts.

  4. Shenandoah Park Trail

    The Shenandoah Park Trail is a neighborhood trail that winds through the Shenandoah subdivision. It begins at Shenandoah Park located at 14452 Shenandoah Parkway.

  5. Westridge Robbins Park Trail

    Traveling north along Nob Hill Road one can access Bergeron Park, named for Dorothy & Percy Bergeron, early Davie settlers. The park contains picnic pavilions, jogging trails, and trailhead parking.