Equestrian Trails

Equestrian Trails Map
  1. Ivanhoe Parks Trail

    This trail runs between the suburban Ivanhoe neighborhood and our rural neighbors giving a quaint look to both lifestyles, Plans are being discussed to construct a bridge across South New River Canal to connect this Trail to the other trails to the north.

  2. Linear Park Trail

    View information about the Linear Park Trail including points of interest like the Orange Drive Linear Park, Tree Tops Park and Pine Island Ridge.

  3. Oak Hill Park Trail

    See the points of interest for the Oak Hill Park Trail.

  4. Peaceful Ridge Trail

    The Peaceful Ridge Trail begins at Robbins Lodge & Natural Area and exits out the northwest corner across a beautiful bridge where it connects to SW 36th Court.

  1. Pine Island Ridge Trail

    The main trail head for the Pine Island Ridge Trail starts in Tree Tops Park. There are maps for all the park trails available at the gatehouse as you enter.

  2. Robbins Vista View Trail

    Mr. Bill Robbins, the Park’s namesake, was a “gentleman” cattle rancher and citrus farmer. The oak hardwood hammock at the northwest corner of the site has been augmented over the years with ornamental plants that he collected when he was International President of the Rotary Club.

  3. Westridge Robbins Park Trail

    The Trailhead for the Westridge-Robbins Park Trail is located in Bergeron Park just south of I-595 on Nob Hill Road. Named for Dorothy & Percy Bergeron, early Davie settlers, the park has picnic shelters, a jogging trail, parking for horse trailers.

  4. Wolf Lake Park Trail

    The Park is Davie’s first Open Space acquisition purchased in January 1990. It is a 50-acre site consisting of a central lake surrounded by a multipurpose trail. The Trail is almost totally shaded underneath a canopy of tall Australian pine trees.