Wildlife Habitat Community Project

Join the cause! The Town of Davie is a nationally recognized certified Wildlife Habitat Community!

What is a Community Wildlife Habitat?

A Community Wildlife Habitat is a place where residents and businesses make it a priority to provide habitats for wildlife by providing the four basic elements that all wildlife need: food, water, cover, and places to raise young. Whether in your own yard, an apartment balcony, or in a public space such as a business, school or park, you can create a garden that attracts beautiful wildlife and helps restore habitats in commercial and residential areas. Community Wildlife Habitats can be organized by a team of people, who not only help create a habitat, but also hold workshops about gardening for wildlife and organize community events such as stream or trail cleanups.

Join the cause and certify your Town of Davie residence or organization as a Wildlife Habitat by registering online. This website if filled with great information on how to get started.

Wildlife Habitats Recently Completed by the Town and Other Organizations

  • Davie Women's Club
    6501 Orange Drive
  • East Davie Nature Park
    5350 Southwest 58th Avenue
    Davie, FL
    Located along the fence
  • Falcon's Lea Park
    14900 Stirling Road
  • Liberty Park
    13550 Southwest 8th Street
    Located in the northeast section of the park
  • Old Davie School
    6650 Griffin Road
    Located between the two houses in the rear parking lot
  • Rick and Rita Case Boys and Girls Club
    7525 Northwest 33 Street
  • Town of Davie Town Hall
     6591 Orange Drive
    Garden located across from the Planning and Zoning Division
Particpants standing in group, smiling
Children looking on as one learns to dig