How to Register for Bid Notifications

How do I register for Bid Notifications?

Subscribe to the Bid and RFPs list via our Notify Me module. By putting in your email address and checking the box for Bids and RFPs you will receive an email and/or text message telling you that a bid has been issued.  You will be notified of both Informal and Formal Solicitation opportunities.  You can also check off the commodity code for specific notifications regarding the type of business conducted by your firm.

Download Bid Solicitations through our Bids Module.  The requirements of each specification vary.  Depending on the specification, you may be asked to submit additional information with your bid such as a W-9 form, a Vendor/Bidder Disclosure form, various licenses, a bid bond, etc.

Should you have any other questions, contact any one of us in the Purchasing Division.