Jackpot Rodeo & Davie Pro Rodeo

The Jackpot Rodeo

The Jackpot Rodeo is sponsored by the Davie Rodeo Association, a local rodeo club in Davie.  These rodeo events are not sanctioned and only Davie Rodeo Association members may participate and ride.  The cowboys ride for a small purse each week (which is a small cash award for winning).  These rodeo events are very competitive and the cowboys are professional.  The cost for attending the rodeo is $4 for adults and takes place every Wednesday night.

The Davie Pro Rodeo

The Davie Pro Rodeo is sanctioned through the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.  The purpose of this organization is to promote the professional sport of rodeo.  The participating cowboys are all professional riders who participate to rank among the foremost top riders of this American sport.  These cowboys ride and earn points and these points entitle them to ride for larger purses (cash prize awards) and higher rankings in the sport around the United States. The cost at the gate to attend this rodeo event is $22 for adults and $10 for children.  Take a look at the Davie Pro Rodeo schedule.

These cowboys and girls are as dedicated to their sport as a football player is to theirs. Come watch the excitement and skill of professional rodeo. Which ever rodeo you decide to attend, know you will witness professional rodeo at its best!