Division Overview & Responsibilities

Engineering Division Overview

In accordance with the Town's Charter, the Engineering Division provides a broad based, multi-disciplinary professional and technical staff responsible for design review, permitting, environmental compliance, and inspection of all public and private infrastructure elements within the community. In this capacity, the Engineering Division interacts, integrates and coordinates applicable activities with other Divisions and Departments within the Town, including Planning and Zoning, Code Compliance, Building, Public Works, Fire, Police and the CRA. In addition to the procedurally structured oversight, review, permitting and inspection activities noted above, Engineering Division staff responds to numerous daily inquiries from the general public, Home Owner Associations (HOAs) and the development community regarding interpretation and implementation of engineering standards and policies employed within the Town.

The Division currently employs eight, full-time personnel and is informally divided into three functional groups, Professional Services, Engineering Inspection and Administrative Support. A brief description of each group's activities and responsibilities is provided below.

Professional Services Group

The Professional Services Group (PSG) includes two Professional Engineers (Town Engineer and Assistant Town Engineer) with a combined professional experience level in excess of 25 years. Where applicable, professional opinions regarding a variety of past, current and proposed projects are solicited by and provided to various Town entities, including Town Council, Administration, other Departments and various Town sponsored committees. In accordance with the Town Code, the PSG also maintains responsibility for professional review and approval of all public and private civil engineering infrastructure plans, as well as issuance of construction permits based on the approved plans. Supporting the pre-design stage of development focused in the Planning and Zoning Division, the PSG provides engineering review and comments for all Plat and Site Plan submittals, in addition to supplying input to engineering portions of Comprehensive Plan updates and the EAR. Environmental compliance for current systems as well as proposed projects ranging from petroleum storage tanks to Stormwater NPDES Permits also fall within the responsibility of the PSG. 

In addition to the activities and responsibilities delineated above, the PSG initiates and analyzes completed traffic studies, investigates and responds to street lighting requests, and participates in the analysis and review of assorted engineering studies and designs. With assistance from Engineering Inspectors and Administrative Support the PSG is the focal point for addressing all engineering issues transmitted through the Town's interactive Gov QA System. This group also acts as the focal point for development and updating of all engineering procedures, applications, forms, checklists and information posted on the engineering website.

Engineering Inspectors Group

The Engineering Inspectors Group (EIG) currently consists of four highly trained engineering technicians with a cumulative experience level in excess of 90 years on a variety of civil engineering infrastructure projects. The EIG has responsibility for onsite inspection and appropriate documentation of all public and private infrastructure projects within the Town. They are responsible for review and approval of shop drawings submitted in conjunction with already approved construction permits as well as verification of As-Built drawings submitted with Engineering closeout packages. In addition to these duties, they also maintain responsibility for review and approval of Building permits to ensure integration of infrastructure engineering and drainage aspects of all applicable codes and policies. In this capacity and on an annual average basis, the EIG conducts between 4,000 - 5,000 onsite inspections (4,309 in CY 2003) and provides the review and approval of 4,000 - 5,000 Building Permit plans (4,581 in CY 2003). Inspectors are also responsible for conducting and documenting all Pre-Construction meetings associated with issuance of Engineering Construction Permits, including all variations of the following Construction Permits: Clearing and Grubbing; Site Development; Paving and Grading; Drainage; Water Distribution Systems; and Sewage Collection Systems.

Administrative Support Group

The Administrative Support Group (ASG) is the first line of public interaction with the Division. As such they are accountable for conveying a responsive, open and customer friendly attitude to individuals or groups seeking engineering assistance. In this capacity they provide appropriate general information, procedural guidance and forms to each customer, as required. They also ensure all submittals to the Division are complete, appropriately logged in and out, distributed to the appropriate area or personnel and correctly filed. Information tracking and scheduling is also a critical component of support. Accordingly, the support staff is responsible for scheduling all engineering inspections, financial tracking of project bonds and fees, budget tracking, accounts payable, preparation of monthly reports, and coordination of staff meeting schedules.