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Mission Statement

The Town’s Engineering Division responsibilities are encompassed within the mission statement created for the entire Town and is dedicated to the facilitation of orderly, safe and quality development activities while promoting the Town’s unique lifestyle.

The engineering mission is accomplished through application of QUALITY standards:

  • Provide professionally Qualified review, permitting and inspection of public and private sector Civil Engineering projects, ensuring consistency with the Town’s Code of Ordinances, as well as other applicable codes, policies and regulations.
  • Use problem solving and customer based approaches for preservation of the Town’s unique lifestyles and character.
  • Promote Divisional Accountability for effective application of relevant codes while ensuring optimal utilization of available resources.
  • Leverage the use of modern technology to apply more cost-effective engineering analysis and assist in resolution of engineering issues within the Town.
  • Provide an outstanding customer service environment through creativity and continual Improvement.
  • Provide a Team oriented environment through establishment of relationships that ensure fairness, consistency and respect for all customers and employees.
  • Conduct Yearly divisional and personal performance appraisals to assess departmental and personal performance related to productivity, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

The Engineering Division will continue to integrate and utilize the combined knowledge and experience of its associates to meet the goals set forth in the mission statement.

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