Utilities Operations

Mission Statement

The mission of the Utilities Department is to assure present and future generations a sufficient supply of high quality drinking water. Toward that end, we have established the following broad objectives:

  • Promote consumer confidence and satisfaction
  • Achieve safe drinking water through knowledge
  • Promote an effective legislative and regulatory environment for the water community
  • Provide the public with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water
  • Provide proper treatment and disposal of wastewater

Value Statement

In keeping with the values identified by the Town Council, we strive to provide a quality product to the areas served by our Department at a reasonable cost while upholding the standards and regulations imposed by state and federal agencies for water quality and safe disposal of wastewater. We are committed to providing a high level of customer service to our customers as well as co-workers and Council and treating all with respect.

Department Description

The Utilities Department utilizes in-house forces for the majority of its’ operation consisting of highly trained and state licensed water and wastewater operators who maintain and operate the Town’s two water plants, one wastewater plant, and one water reclamation facility. Additionally, the Department requires its field technicians to obtain licenses and/or certifications in water distribution and wastewater collection systems, which enhances their knowledge of repair and maintenance of the water and sewer pipe lines and 59 wastewater pump stations throughout the Town’s 10,000+ residential and commercial accounts. Our water and wastewater plants are staffed by State licensed operators 24 hours a day. This staffing arrangement allows residents to report emergency situations during evenings and weekends and receive timely assistance should the problem warrant such action.

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