Connection Fees & Application for New Construction

Before applying for Building Permits for new construction or building additions (commercial or residential) within the Town of Davie service area, a Water and Sewer Service Agreement must be executed between the property owner and the Town of Davie. Connection fees are based on Equivalent Residential Connections (ERC).  One ERC = 350 GPD of water usage.  The charge per ERC for water is $3,050; the charge per ERC for wastewater is $2,920 ($5,970 combined water/wastewater).

The following is a list of documents required for preparation of the Agreement:

  1. Letter size copy of survey of the property
  2. Copy of the Deed to the property
  3. Names of person(s) signing the Agreement.
  4. Mailing address and telephone number of property owner
  5. If the Deed is held in the name of a corporation, the following is needed:
    • Full name, address and telephone number of the corporation
    • In what state is the business incorporated
    • Is the corporation licensed to do business in the State of Florida
    • Names and titles of person(s) signing Agreement
    • If Agreement is to be signed by a Trustee or by someone with Power of Attorney, we will need supporting documentation.  
  6. Legal description, address, and folio number of property
  7. Information as to proposed use of property:
    • Residential:
      • Single family
      • Multi-family
    • Commercial:  Need to know specific use such as restaurant, warehouse (square footage), office (square footage), etc.
  8. After project is complete, we will need a reproducible Mylar of the water/sewer locations.