Residential Area


In the residential area, the CRA purchased various properties, most of which have been used to construct affordable housing and other lots have been donated for recreational use.

The CRA built a traditional neighborhood within a neighborhood in the Potter Park area. A new street, Southwest 43rd Street, was constructed by the CRA. Along this street, the CRA has constructed nine "Key West" style homes.

Community HallEastside Community Hall Building

A Community Hall was built with CRA funds at the end of this block to anchor one end of the block and this building is used for daycare, recreation and meetings.  

An additional five lots were donated to Habitat for Humanity and houses were constructed on those five lots. The other end of the block is anchored by Potter Park including the new gymnasium.

The CRA does not accomplish these types of programs alone. There are various state and federal funds used to make these houses more affordable. In the case of the Community Hall, the Town of Davie loaned the money for construction which was paid back by the CRA. The Broward County Office of Housing and Finance Authority is very active in the construction of these Key West houses.

Potters Park


The Town of Davie constructed a gymnasium or multipurpose building at Potter Park. The CRA purchased the land on which the gym was constructed. The CRA also paid for a gazebo and benches at the new gym. The CRA also purchased the playground equipment for the Betty Booth Roberts Park which is on Southwest 61st Avenue.


The CRA is also involved in a capital improvement program for the Eastside. Both the CRA and the Town, through Community Development Block Grant Funds, are upgrading the infrastructure of this area. In the past year, there have been sidewalks installed in the area north of Orange Drive from Southwest 54th Avenue to Southwest 57th Terrace and the cross streets. 

The streets have also been resurfaced. This is only the beginning of improvements that will be made to the entire area radiating outward from Potter Park as funding permits. Other improvements will include improved street lighting, sidewalks, water and sewer lines, upgrades, traffic calming and street trees.