Certified Police Benefits

Paid Time Off & Holidays

  • Up to 250 hours of paid time off leave a year
  • Up to 125 holiday hours a year
  • Up to 60 hours of personal hours a year

Medical Insurance

  • Free 100% medical coverage if single
  • Up to 50% contributed to medical coverage for dependents

Pension & Longevity Pay

  • Employee contributes up to 9% towards town-sponsored pension
  • Normal retirement is 20 years at 60% of base, longevity pay, 300 hours of overtime and add pays
  • Longevity pay up to $2000 which is included in the above maximum Police Officer pay
  • Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP)

Other Benefits

  • Up to four years military and previous police service buy back option
  • All duty equipment and uniforms are supplied by the Town including a 9mm caliber firearm
  • Personally assigned vehicle program after successfully completing FTO Training (must reside in Broward County)
  • Special assignment and duty pay
  • Free dry cleaning service for all uniforms 
  • Approved for Veteran's Benefits by the SAA