Market Study

Study Conclusions

The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) approved a Marketing Study which was prepared by a private consultant PMG Associates and Civic Design Associates. The study contains a lot of information. One of the main conclusions is that based on analyzing the existing uses along Davie Road and the adjoining streets, based on the make-up of nearby neighborhoods, and the traffic going by the area, there is a conclusion that the area would support more retail and office uses. 

In the case of retail uses, it was concluded that this corridor could support an additional 370,000 square feet of retail over the existing 187,000 square feet and that the area could be expected to support another 139,000 square feet of office space over the existing 70,000 square feet. The types of retail suggested based on the analysis and on interviews with business owners, customers and community officials include sit down restaurants, general merchandise (department store) groceries, clothing and accessories such as shoes, home furnishings, home appliances, hobby and gifts.

Marketing Strategy

Some suggestions for marketing strategy include:

  • Making infrastructure improvements such as a master storm water management system rather than having on-site retention on each lot and providing a public plaza
  • Providing public parking to encourage redevelopment, supporting transit along Davie Road to the colleges
  • Purchasing land for redevelopment
  • Linking the South Florida Educational Center with Davie Road

As part of this marketing effort the CRA is marketing a one acre parcel at the southeast corner of Davie Road and Southwest 41st Street. Please see the Requests for Proposals Section to see what proposals are being sent solicited for development opportunities within the CRA.


Two public parking lots are slated to be constructed this coming year. One lot is on Southwest 63rd Avenue between Southwest 42nd Street and Southwest 43rd Street. This lot will have 49 spaces and will assist people on Davie Road for developing their properties. The lot behind the Davie/Cooper City Chamber of Commerce building is going to be made into a public parking lot and it will be improved with 32 spaces.