Campaign Reports

All documents are filed with the town clerk’s office.

By Florida law, campaigns and committees are required to disclose detailed financial records of campaign contributions and expenditures.

Who Must File Reports?

Both candidates and committees must file campaign finance reports.

  • A "candidate" is any person who seeks to be elected to or retained in public office.
  • A "committee" is generally a combination of two or more individuals or an organization who:
  • Contributes more than $500 in the aggregate in a calendar year to any candidate or political party, or which accepts contributions during a calendar year in an aggregate amount in excess of $500; or
  • Expressly advocates the election or defeat of a candidate or issue and makes expenditures of more than $500 in the aggregate during a calendar year; or
  • The sponsor of a proposed constitutional amendment by initiative who intends to seek the signatures of registered electors.

The laws governing campaign finance reporting and campaign financing limitations are complex. For more detail, please refer to Chapter 106, Florida Statutes.

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