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The Town of Davie provides water and sewer services to a portion of the Town. Other portions of the Town are serviced by other municipalities, such as the City of Sunrise, or by private utility companies. The Contact Listing indicates the telephone numbers for each company/agency. If you do not know what provider services your area, the Town’s Customer Service personnel will be glad to assist you in determining the correct provider to contact. The contact listing also lists telephone numbers for the providers of other types of utility services which are not provided by the Town but which are frequently asked about, such as cable television, trash collection, and electricity services.


There was a date error printed on the bills that are usually do on the 4th Tuesday of the month.  The bills were printed with a due date of 4/16/19, please note that the real due date is 4/30/19 and as long as your make your payment by 4/30/19 there will be no late fees applied.

Customers of the town are billed monthly based on rates approved by the Town Council at a public meeting.  The current rate table indicates what the rates for water and/or sewer services are today as well as required deposits.

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A convenience fee of $4.95 will be added to each transaction for using this service.

Important Notice to Town of Davie Utility Customers

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