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November 6, 2018

Elected Officials

The Town of Davie Town Council consists of 5 elected officials. The Mayor is elected at-large with Council members designated by district seats (Districts 1, 2, 3, & 4).  Coucil members elected in March of 2015 as well as those elected in March of 2016 will serve until November of 2018. This will result in an eight (8) month extension of terms of the Mayor and District 1 and a four (4) month term reduction for Districts 2, 3, and 4. On November 6, 2018 all of Town Council will be up for election.

The Town Council elected in November 2018 will serve for a period of four (4) years and will be elected every November of even numbered years. For more information on elections see the Town of Davie Charter.

See the Campaign Reports page for campaign documents for individual candidates.

Qualifying & Assessment Fees

Qualifying and Assessment Fees (99.093(1), F.S.): A qualifying fee of 3% plus a 1% election assessment fee both equal to the annual salary must be paid at the time the candidate qualifies for office.

Pursuant to 99.095, Florida Statutes, a person seeking to qualify for nomination to any office may qualify to have their name placed on the ballot by means of the petitioning process.

Candidates Qualifying by Petition Must File the Following

  1. Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository Form DS-DE 9 and Statement of Candidate Form DS-DE 84, unless you have already filed these forms with the Supervisor of Elections.
  2. Petition Certification Form, if qualifying by petition.
  3. Loyalty Oath:
    • Non Partisan Races:
    • Candidates running in a Non Partisan election Form DS-DE 26 (PDF)
    • (Form DS-DE 25 is for all candidates except School Board and Judiciary)

Candidate Petition Cards Form DS-DE104 (PDF) (English) Form DS-DE 104 (PDF) (Spanish)

Petition cards must be properly completed and signed by 1% of the eligible, registered voters within the District as of the last general election. (99.095 (2)(a), Florida Statutes)

Petition forms are to be reproduced by the candidate. (99.095(2)(c), Florida Statutes)

Financial Disclosure: A completed Form 1 Statement of Financial Interests (reflecting the preceding tax year) must be filed at the time the candidate files his/her qualifying papers.

Statement of Candidate (Section 106.023, F.S.): Each candidate must file a statement with the Town within ten (10) days after he/she files his Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository form, stating he/she has read and understands the requirements of Chapter 106, Florida Statutes.